How it should be….Music edition!

In this blog im gonna be talking about what music some players should walk up to bat to.

Troy Tulowussy: Barbie Girl by AQUA last year he came out to Miley Cirus party in the USA which I heard is his boyfriends favorite song so it only seems fitting that this little girl come out to a song that was written about him. (sorry Tulo fans just can’t stand him)


Alex Rodriguez: Mambo # 5 ….A little bit a Kate in my life a little bit of Camron in my life …who will it be this year no one knows but I have my money on Lady gaga. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with a-rod I just think the song fits him. (If you can hit 600 homeruns you can feed yourself popcorn just sayin)


Jonathan Broxton: Right know he come out to Iron Man great song for a not so great closer..If I got to pick his song I would go with Stairway to Heaven odd choice but the main reason for this pick is the the word Stair in the title because ever sence Matt Stairs hits a 764 ft. bomb off Brox in the playoff his fastball and command have both been dead.

Those are 3 of songs I would choose if I had the power I hope to give you 3 more tomorrow night and also give you the songs I would choose for myself if I hadent lost my big toe in a freak ice fishing accident.






Sleepless nights and Fantasy Baseball

     Its almost time for baseball that means it almost time for fantasy baseball…I have played for the last 2 years and it drives me nuts every year. After the season is finished I swear to myself i’m never playing again.  Durning the season I get up at all hours of the night to see if the points from last nights games have posted yet and if they haven’t I stay awake until they do it drives me nuts all I eat drink and dream about is what place I’m in and if I should get rid of a pitcher cause he is going though a tuff week.

    Things that drive me crazy during the year are say Matt Kemp is having a hard week and someone offers me a trade for Hanley Ramirez whos on fire ..I accept the trade all of the sudden Hanley kicks a ball into the 2nd level of the stands and gets benched for 3 weeks while Matty Kemp hits 14 homeruns in 3 days THATS MY LUCK. Also I’m to connected to my favorite players so if someone else owns them I go to whatever lenghts to get them on my team, take Andre Ethier if someone elese owns him I lose my mind when it comes to trading to get him…Here take Albie Pujous and Roy Halliday along with 3 closers and Ill give you half my points from the year just to have him on my team.

   But I will be playing again this year and im sure it will be the same as every other year only this year for my first round pick I think im going with Bengie Molina because a cycle is worth a crapload of points and I like the wheels on this young fella!




My 3 Favorite Baseball Movies

In this blog I will make alot of people mad I’m sure with my picks but its my blog and these are my 3 favorites.

#3 The Rookie Starring Dennis Quaid..

The reason this movie is in my top 3 is because I love feel good stories that can happen to anyone. When Dennis Quaid gets called up to the majors in this movie it kinda shows that anything is possible if you put your mind to it no matter how old you are if you want someting YOU CAN DO It and I love that and live by that everyday of my life.

#2 The Sandlot

The Sandlot is number 2 on my list but could very easily be number 1 a flawless baseball movie about a group of kids that love the game.Everytime I watch this movie I think of playing wiffle ball in my back yard or homerun derby at sutherland park. But the thing I like most about this movie is it reminds me of how it was being a kid. Every kid played backyard ball without a care in the world …at some point you played as your favorite plate imatated his swing and his swagger chewed big league chew and spit like it was the real stuff. Great movie that reminds you of Great times.

#1 Major League

Chuck Sheen as a flame throwing rookie add in a catcher at the end of his career along with some other misfits in a R rated comedy about baseball and i’m hooked. I love the one liners in this movie and when Chuck Sheen come out if the bullpen to wild thing and closes the game out gives me goosebumps everytime. This movie has it all laughs tears and the most rugged voiced Manager in the game of baseball…” Give him the heater ricky” that line alone is why this movie is number 1 in my book. Thank you for reading


Now that football season is almost over (thank god) all I can think about is baseball season. I need baseball in my life again opening day can’t come fast enough. No matter what is going on in your life no matter how bad your day was at work coming home to watch baseball win or loss makes you forget about it all at least it does for me.



Predictions for 2011

Here are my short and sweet predictions for 2011.

NL CY Young: Clayton Kershaw…He has his rookie jitters out of his system and he is ready to be a ace!

NL MVP: Cargo ..Breakout year last year and I dont see any signs of him slowing he was in a shaving cream commercial. I heard that adds at least 6 more homers and 15 more rbi’s.

NL R.O.Y : to early to really check back later


AL CY Young: King Felix sorry again CC

AL MVP: Evan Longoria ..Love the Kiddo

AL R.O.Y  Who cares


World Series Champs will be…….I HATE TO SAY IT Boston Red Sox over the Phillies in 6


Love em or hate em those are my picks for 2011….Frank McCourt will also sell the Dodgers to Lebron James and Michael Jordan and Bo Jackson will be our starting left fielder along with Deion Sanders will join Vin Scully in the booth.


Dusting the dust off my keyboard.

Well it has been awhile sence I have last updated this blog and LOTS has happened. As you can see by my previous post I WAS a huge Manny fan for what he did for the boys in blue..Now not so much I wish the Rays luck with him. As for me I think he should retire and take up a new sport.



Now lets talk about the off season moves of the Dodgers…Pitching was our main focus and sure we didn’t go out and sign a #1 Ace we did the best we could with Ted Lilly,Jon Garland and Vicente Pidilla. As for our Left Field situation we have signed a few options but for me the one I want playing everyday is my favorite Ginger Jay Gibbons I like his style and his swing.

Matty Kemp is promising a 40/40 year and with Woddy Woodpecker (Rihanna) outta the picture I think its gonna happen. And it Ethier can stop that mid-season  slump he will once again have a great year and may even be in the running for the triple crown. And this brings me to the biggest signing of the year ……….VIN SCULLY will be back for another year of DODGER BASEBALL enough said there.