Dusting the dust off my keyboard.

Well it has been awhile sence I have last updated this blog and LOTS has happened. As you can see by my previous post I WAS a huge Manny fan for what he did for the boys in blue..Now not so much I wish the Rays luck with him. As for me I think he should retire and take up a new sport.



Now lets talk about the off season moves of the Dodgers…Pitching was our main focus and sure we didn’t go out and sign a #1 Ace we did the best we could with Ted Lilly,Jon Garland and Vicente Pidilla. As for our Left Field situation we have signed a few options but for me the one I want playing everyday is my favorite Ginger Jay Gibbons I like his style and his swing.

Matty Kemp is promising a 40/40 year and with Woddy Woodpecker (Rihanna) outta the picture I think its gonna happen. And it Ethier can stop that mid-season  slump he will once again have a great year and may even be in the running for the triple crown. And this brings me to the biggest signing of the year ……….VIN SCULLY will be back for another year of DODGER BASEBALL enough said there.



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