Sleepless nights and Fantasy Baseball

     Its almost time for baseball that means it almost time for fantasy baseball…I have played for the last 2 years and it drives me nuts every year. After the season is finished I swear to myself i’m never playing again.  Durning the season I get up at all hours of the night to see if the points from last nights games have posted yet and if they haven’t I stay awake until they do it drives me nuts all I eat drink and dream about is what place I’m in and if I should get rid of a pitcher cause he is going though a tuff week.

    Things that drive me crazy during the year are say Matt Kemp is having a hard week and someone offers me a trade for Hanley Ramirez whos on fire ..I accept the trade all of the sudden Hanley kicks a ball into the 2nd level of the stands and gets benched for 3 weeks while Matty Kemp hits 14 homeruns in 3 days THATS MY LUCK. Also I’m to connected to my favorite players so if someone else owns them I go to whatever lenghts to get them on my team, take Andre Ethier if someone elese owns him I lose my mind when it comes to trading to get him…Here take Albie Pujous and Roy Halliday along with 3 closers and Ill give you half my points from the year just to have him on my team.

   But I will be playing again this year and im sure it will be the same as every other year only this year for my first round pick I think im going with Bengie Molina because a cycle is worth a crapload of points and I like the wheels on this young fella!





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