How it should be….Music edition!

In this blog im gonna be talking about what music some players should walk up to bat to.

Troy Tulowussy: Barbie Girl by AQUA last year he came out to Miley Cirus party in the USA which I heard is his boyfriends favorite song so it only seems fitting that this little girl come out to a song that was written about him. (sorry Tulo fans just can’t stand him)


Alex Rodriguez: Mambo # 5 ….A little bit a Kate in my life a little bit of Camron in my life …who will it be this year no one knows but I have my money on Lady gaga. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with a-rod I just think the song fits him. (If you can hit 600 homeruns you can feed yourself popcorn just sayin)


Jonathan Broxton: Right know he come out to Iron Man great song for a not so great closer..If I got to pick his song I would go with Stairway to Heaven odd choice but the main reason for this pick is the the word Stair in the title because ever sence Matt Stairs hits a 764 ft. bomb off Brox in the playoff his fastball and command have both been dead.

Those are 3 of songs I would choose if I had the power I hope to give you 3 more tomorrow night and also give you the songs I would choose for myself if I hadent lost my big toe in a freak ice fishing accident.






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