What other word describes what Manny did tonight. Lets play this Hollywood Story out.. Manny Bobblehead night sold out crowd Manny on the bench cause of a bruised hand bummer. 6th inning 2 on RM up and Mark Loritta on deck for the pitcher. Russell Martin hits a hard single which is the most important piece to this story. He hits it so hard Loney can’t score. The crowd starts the chant of MANNNY MANNNY Lorrita turns around and out walks the man the myth the legend. the Crowd ERUPTS MANNY MANNY MANNNYYYYY. Pitcher change MANRAM steps to the plate everyone is standing in LA not just in the stadium in all of LA pitcher sets and delievers. CRACKKKKKKKKKKK linedrive grandslam into mannywood all i can say is WOW. Sorry about the spelling just so pumped.



Homers Galore

Ethier,Manny,Loney,Martin and Last but not least Kemp’s slam seems the dodgers bats woke up today for the long ball.  Trevor Hoffman blew his 2nd save of the year and a risky bunt by Kemp. then a 6 run 10th inning including Kemps monster slam and Casey Blake with a rare triple. Broxton comes out still looking a little sluggish giving up 2 runs and a couple walks but we still got the win puting us 24 games over .500 hopefully we can make it 25 tomorrow. GO BLUE


I think the line up in tonights game was perfect Furcal leading off Ethier batting in front of Manny and Blake clean up and I think it showed by how we played tonight 11 to 2. Manny is back with a vengence and the Dodgers are still the best team in baseball. The Giants and Rockies also won today so we didnt gain any ground. Big game tomorrow we will start a series against the Brew Crew I hope we win. GO BLUE

Manny’s Bacccccck

I’m 3 innings into Mannys first game back and he has a walk (great at bat) and a ground out but most important the Dodgers are scoring runs again after a slump with offense they are back with Manny. Either is going to have a much better much now that MANRAM is back i think. GO DODGER BLUE

8/2 Dodgers vs D-Backs

Since Manny was a Dodger, I had to attend a game to see him in real life. I couldn’t find any decent tickets for his first Dodger game, but I was hooked up with tickets from a fellow Dodger fan I met at signings. He has season tickets in reserve and he always has extra tix so I got some from him. My father and sis went as well. I knew the seats we were going to sit was a great spot to get noticed on Dodgervision so I made a custom Manny Ramirez jersey which was taped on a Dodger jersey. I got their around 5:30 and saw that Tommy Davis were signing autographs so I decided to get a ball signed. He was a very nice guy and offered to put inscriptions on the ball as well (most players dont put any inscriptions). I met my friend, Nick around 6 and headed for the seats. All in all, the game was awesome and the atmosphere was electrifying. Also, Manny hit his first HR as a Dodger and I was on the Dodgervision 3 or 4 times waving my Manny Jersey. We won 4-2! Here are some pictures. My sister’s camera battery died so I’ll post more pictures as soon as my friend, who took some more pics, emails them to me:


(they celebrated the 1980’s with bringing back former players from the 80’s and the 88′ WS they won)


(My sister, Tommy Davis, and Me)


(Manny Ramirez first AB of the game, seconds after this he hit the HR)


(Me waving the Manny Jersey i made)(First of many times i was on Dodgervision)


(After the game with my sister, dad and me)(This is the famous Dodger banner my friend let us take a picture with. This banner has been everywhere SD, SF, ARI, etc)


Manny Ramirez, Trades, Ethan Martin


Manny Ramirez to Hollywood

Breaking News: Manny Ramirez traded to Dodgers in a 3-team blockbuster. RedSox acquire Jason Bay from the Pirates, and the Pirates get 4 minor leaguers with Andy LaRoche being one of those four. ~WoW, what a steal!! I know we’re only getting Manny for 2+months but RedSox are paying the remainder of $7mil that is owed to Manny. And he declined salary arbitration which means we will get 2 draft picks if he signs with any team in the offseason. Andy LaRoche never panned out to be the top player even though he didnt have enough playing time. I wish him well and good luck in the future~



Our potential lineup:

CF Pierre

RF Kemp

C Martin

LF Ramirez

2B Kent

1B Loney

3B Blake

SS Berroa

(Not Bad at all except for the cluster in the OF position. I have a feeling Young will be sent down to get some playing time in 2B so he maybe taking over Kent in the future. Jones and Ethier will probably be in the bench)



So the trade deadline has come and gone and there have been some trades. Lets look at the other trades:

  • Reds traded OF Ken Griffey Jr (my all time fav player) to the White Sox for prospects Danny Richar and Nick Masset.
  • Mariners traded RP Arthur Rhodes to the Marlins for prospect Gaby Hernandez
  • Yankees traded SS Alberto Gonzalez to the Nationals for Jhonny Nunez.


Ethan Martin

Ethan Martin, the Dodgers’ first-round pick in last month’s First-Year Player Draft, is scheduled to undergo season-ending knee surgery. Martin, a right-handed power pitcher taken with the 15th overall pick out of Stephens County High School in Georgia, suffered the injury during fielding drills. He signed earlier this month for a $1.73 million bonus. ~I hope this doesn’t affect his future playing time and is healed 100%. ~




**GameTime will be up later when the lineups are posted**