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 What other word describes what Manny did tonight. Lets play this Hollywood Story out.. Manny Bobblehead night sold out crowd Manny on the bench cause of a bruised hand bummer. 6th inning 2 on RM up and Mark Loritta on deck for the pitcher. Russell Martin hits a hard single which is the most important piece to this story. He hits it so hard Loney can’t score. The crowd starts the chant of MANNNY MANNNY Lorrita turns around and out walks the man the myth the legend. the Crowd ERUPTS MANNY MANNY MANNNYYYYY. Pitcher change MANRAM steps to the plate everyone is standing in LA not just in the stadium in all of LA pitcher sets and delievers. CRACKKKKKKKKKKK linedrive grandslam into mannywood all i can say is WOW. Sorry about the spelling just so pumped.