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8/2 Dodgers vs D-Backs

Since Manny was a Dodger, I had to attend a game to see him in real life. I couldn’t find any decent tickets for his first Dodger game, but I was hooked up with tickets from a fellow Dodger fan I met at signings. He has season tickets in reserve and he always has extra tix so I got some from him. My father and sis went as well. I knew the seats we were going to sit was a great spot to get noticed on Dodgervision so I made a custom Manny Ramirez jersey which was taped on a Dodger jersey. I got their around 5:30 and saw that Tommy Davis were signing autographs so I decided to get a ball signed. He was a very nice guy and offered to put inscriptions on the ball as well (most players dont put any inscriptions). I met my friend, Nick around 6 and headed for the seats. All in all, the game was awesome and the atmosphere was electrifying. Also, Manny hit his first HR as a Dodger and I was on the Dodgervision 3 or 4 times waving my Manny Jersey. We won 4-2! Here are some pictures. My sister’s camera battery died so I’ll post more pictures as soon as my friend, who took some more pics, emails them to me:


(they celebrated the 1980’s with bringing back former players from the 80’s and the 88′ WS they won)


(My sister, Tommy Davis, and Me)


(Manny Ramirez first AB of the game, seconds after this he hit the HR)


(Me waving the Manny Jersey i made)(First of many times i was on Dodgervision)


(After the game with my sister, dad and me)(This is the famous Dodger banner my friend let us take a picture with. This banner has been everywhere SD, SF, ARI, etc)